Guardians of İstanbul - Hidden Crate

We will give your children a memorable weekend. We will listento Hagia Sophia’s hidden secrets and Medusa’s stories from Ömer Kokal.


Architect Sinan’s Code

We will uncover the secrets of this huge structures together while learning their legends. The interesting life of Mimar Sinan will inspire you. While building, the solutions he found will make you fascinated with his mind. By the way, a crater on Mercury is named after Mimar Sinan, ‘’Sinan Crater’’ on 1976. Even this event shows how important and famous Mimar Sinan is.


Travel to Maiden’s Tower with Kites

We are discovering Istanbul’s symbol, the Maiden’s Tower. We are at Uskudar Salacak coast. Uskudar’s oldest name ‘’Chrysopolis’’, means ‘’Golden City’’. Because of the sun setting from right opposite, Uskudar becomes all yellow. That is why they called here the ‘’Golden City’’.


Black Sea Camp

Are you ready for the summer camps designed by Turkey’s first and only traveller Project @travellingwithmyfamily ?


Fairy Tale Path Route - Germany

We follow the trail of the GrimmBrothers


Hidden Symbols

We are at the Historical Peninsula which has been seen as the center of the World for ages. We are meeting at Istanbul Archaeology Museum.


Hidden Chest

A weekend that your children will never forget!


cadir What Is Abroad?

Young Explorers is North Light Pursuit- Lapland

During the semesterholiday, we are waiting for you to experience a totally different geographywhere you can live the fairy-tale journey that your children have played intheir dream worlds.


Young Explorers at Safari - South Africa

We aremeeting at Ataturk Airport International Arrivals Terminal Cafe Nero. After Check-in and passport process, we will fly to Cape Town with our THY TK044 flight.

cocuk 1

We are having a lot of fun

Special project work is being done for each tour. Interactive drama participation, direction-location finding strategies, costumes, booklets, puzzles, treasures and many designed games.