We teach children how to be a traveler by our project, Travelling With My Family, which is the first

project designed for elemantry children in Turkey.

We have many programs like; Istanbul’s museums, historical monuments with Guardians of Istanbul.

The ancient lands of Anatolia, which includes nature teachings; Bosphorus tours, Çanakkale Victory,

Conquest 1453, Sinan the Architect’s unsolved puzzles are waiting for you.

We are living in a region has a history of 12.000 years and our tours are designed with the goal of

children getting the know of our rich region. Our tours’ contexts are shaped with costumes, puzzles,

trasures, booklets, lots of designs and interactive drama games.

We work with our counselors to direct our children’s attention to getting information in a fun way.

We are happy to offer you good opportunities for you to spend quality time with your children in your

busy life.

See you on the roads…

With our respect and love

Travellingwithmyfamily Team